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How To Practice Yoga Without A Screen

Opdateret: 27. okt. 2022

In this post I'm going to tell you how to practice yoga at home without looking at a screen 👀📱❌


So if you're looking for a way to practice yoga from home or from anywhere on your own, this post is for you!

Let's dive right in.

Step #1: Open Your Podcast App

Your first step is to open your podcast app and search for The Hatha Yoga Podcast or click the link to access it directly. All classes on the podcast are totally FREE! 💰

This podcast is your go-to guide to receive guidance throughout your practice without having to look at a screen.

The podcast looks like this:

Then it's time to answer a very important question…

Step #2: What's The Concept Of Yoga Without A Screen?

Now before we start to practice, you'll want to understand how it works to practice yoga when you can't see your teacher.

Maybe you're new to yoga or maybe you're an experienced practitioner?

Whatever your level of phsyical practice and knowledge about yoga philosophy, you can practice with this podcast.

The Hatha Yoga Podcast was created as a supplement to YOUR personal yoga practice, whether that is at home, in a park, on the beach or while travelling.

Many yoga teachers offer classes via Youtube where you can follow the teacher on a screen and see everything they're doing.

I used to practice like this as well and sometimes I still do. However, a couple of years ago, I noticed that I was being distracted whenever I'd look at the screen.

There can be several reasons why you ended up here looking for a yoga class without video or a screen…

For me personally, I wanted to dive deeper into my practice and connect with myself and I felt like an audio version of a yoga class was the right thing for me. A place where I could be totally in my own zone.

So I decided to create this podcast for you. I figured, if this is something I was looking for, then other people must be looking as well and here you are! Hello 👋🏼

When you start to practice yoga at home on your own only using the guidance from a teacher's voice, you don't have to

  • worry what it looks like


  • worry if your neck is going to hurt from looking at the screen

Once you begin to practice using audio only, you can create a steady foundation for your daily yoga practice in the comfort of your own home.

Also, when you start to practice with The Hatha Yoga Podcast you become part of an online yoga family. Through this podcast we are all creating a place where we can connect through our practice.

You are welcome in this community whether we've met in person or not. This place was created for YOU! Yes, you, right there, sitting behind the screen on the other side reading this. Hello 👋🏼

… but what if I'm not doing it right?

As you're reading this, you may be worrying that you won't practice the right way. And I'm here to tell you that there is no right or wrong way to do it.

In each episode, I do my best to instruct the yoga classes in a way that you know what to do even though you cannot see me.

Note: When I did my yoga teacher training, part of the education was to instruct classes with all the students blindfolded. This was a way for us as new teachers to see if the students understood our teachings and cues.

So then you should be ready to go, unless you're thinking…

Step #3: But What If I'm New To Yoga?

There's a place for you too.

You know what? I'm not perfect. So sometimes a cue might slide or you will be at home with your headphones on wondering "what in the world is she asking me to do right now?" 👀🎧

And you know what? It doesn't matter. As long as you do your best, follow the sound of my voice and the messages you receive from your own body, you will have a beautiful practice, no matter what it looks like.

If you are completely new to yoga, it might be a bit challenging in the beginning, but I'm sure you can do it anyway. Otherwise, take some time to familiarize yourself with sun saluations and common yoga postures, and you will be with me in no time.

You're welcome to reach out to me if you're completely new to yoga and want to practice with this podcast, so I can help you get started.

Okay, we're almost there! I can hear your mat screaming for you over in the corner….

But… Wait a moment... Maybe you're wondering:

Step #4: Who's Even Teaching Me? I Can't See Her!

Oh, how rude of me… Sorry about that. Hello, my name is Laura and I'm very happy to meet you here, no matter where you sit in the world right now reading this 👩‍💻

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and work full time as a lawyer and part time as yoga teacher and yogipreneur (which is just a fancy word for a yoga teacher who started her own company).

The Yogi Lawyer 👩🏼‍⚖️🤸🏼‍♀️

I studied law in Copenhagen and actually, my law career was the main reason that I started practicing yoga.

After I graduated, I started working for a big law firm. I was very happy when I first got the job. It was my big goal to land an associate position with such a firm.

A couple of months into the job, I started noticing all sorts of weird messages from my body…

I didn't practice much yoga at the time, so I had no clue what they meant and it was easiest for me to just ignore them.

But it didn't work out and so I spent a couple of years feeling very stressed, burned out and anxious.

The only thing that helped really was to do a little bit of yoga or meditation.

I didn't know what else to do.

Mainly, I would practice behind Youtube at home, because I was afraid I was not "yogi" enough to go to an in-person yoga class.

I thought I was the only person in the world feeling like this, but I've learned since that a lot of people struggle with these kind of issues, whether they are lawyers, yogis or something completely different.

I used my yoga practice as a tool to transition out of this state of mind, I changed my job and suddenly things began to shift.

Obviously, this is the very short version of my personal yoga transformation, and if you're interested to hear more about this, I've shared an episode on the podcast where I tell you more about it.


With this in mind, I hope I've spread the message that we are all perfect exactly as we are and whenever we forget about that, it's time to practice.


So, that's how you can practice yoga without a screen.

This process does require a bit of patience, but hey, isn't that what we are working towards on the mat anyway?

Once you start to show up regularly for yourself and your practice.

Things will get much easier.

You are capable of going places with your practice that you can't even imagine right now. It's all within you, go dig.

Click here to practice with the podcast and here to follow along as I entertain you on Instagram.

If you're interested to learn more about how you start a regular yoga practice, here's a link to my FREE GUIDE where I share 5 steps to get started.

Bonus info: I follow these 5 steps myself every day…

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