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Get instant access to my 30 minute meditation to help you fall asleep within minutes! 


This is the must-have meditation to getting an extra hour of sleep every night.

You're gonna make millions!
But your work-life balance is a hot mess...

I'm all about helping you build structures that balance work & wellness so you can work less, make more more and feel amazing in your body and business!


This is a podcast for high-performers who are on a journey to build their vision board career without hustle and overwhelm.

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It can be so frustrating to have your mind spinning and struggle to fall asleep... Access this FREE meditation to fall asleep within minutes!

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Come join the party over on Instagram where I share much more about how to work less, sell more and feel amazing while doing it!!! 


Yoga Is a Journey

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Hello, I'm Laura!

Lawyer, Yogi, Zen Desk Podcast Host & Online Business Coach

I help high performers build structures and reclaim their time by balancing work and wellness so they can work less, make more money and feel amazing in their bodies and business while doing it.


🌎 You know that this is the year that you get to explore new places around the world while working with clients who light you up and pay you your highest rate without blinking.


🏖️ And you know that this is the year that you normalize 4-hour work days and take random Tuesdays off to go to the beach all while those Stripe notifications roll in.


❌ But your 4-hour work day and next high-paying client aren't going to come from networking yourself to death on Linkedin, eating lunch at your desk and working in bed while your partner watches Netflix.

You and I both know that you’re ambitious AF, you’re going to make millions, work a few hours a day with clients who light you up and immerse yourself in a life filled with adventure, travel and infinite time for the people you love the most 🌎💸


And now you want to collapse time and make it happen 10x faster! 🚀


Because let's face it... You like nice things. And nice things cost 💸


So if you are ready to reclaim your time and run your business from a more fulfilled and balanced place... 


Let’s do this!!

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