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Get instant access to my 30 minute meditation to help you fall asleep within minutes! 


This is the must-have meditation to getting an extra hour of sleep every night.

Your Dream Career Starts Here

I'm all about helping you crack the code to inner calm in the midst of your busy corporate life so you can create a more fulfilling career on your terms and design a life that you absolutely love


This is a podcast for women in corporate who are on a journey to build their dream career without hustle and overwhelm.

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It can be so frustrating to have your mind spinning and struggle to fall asleep... Access this FREE meditation to fall asleep within minutes!

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Come join the party over on Instagram where I share much more about how to take back your time and health with yoga!


Yoga Is a Journey

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Hello, I'm Laura!

Freelance Lawyer & Yoga Teacher

I’ve taught over 100 ambitious yoga students how to infuse spaciousness into their everyday life and feel more confident and at peace with their bodies and minds.

I used to wake up everyday feeling anxious about checking my email and crying in the office bathroom because I was so overwhelmed with all my responsibilities. As my yoga practice evolved, I found my way and landed 2 absolute dream jobs in corporate!

I wholeheartedly believe that every single woman deserves the chance to build career experience in a way that feels fun, light and easy.

That's why I help women in corporate take back their time and health to design their dream career and life with yoga.

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